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Best dog leash for sale, wholesale orders available.

Have you ever wished you had a flexible dog leash that provides zero drag and ultimate convenience? A hands free dog leash that allows you to have the best jogging or running experience with your dog? An affordable dog leash available at wholesale prices?

Developing the best jogging and running leash for dogs. We, at K9Coil Leash offer an original, unlike the standard or retractable dog leash, providing a zero drag and tangle free experience. Our original hands free coiled dog leash provides the ultimate convenience of control with your dog while you jog, walk or run.

Our hands free coiled leash is shock absorbing, and you won’t find yourself tripping over or leaning down to untangle a dragging leash. Made with waterproof properties, it’s clean and saltwater resistant.

K9Coil’s zero drag original hands free coiled dog leash is very affordable. Our affordable dog leashes are also available online at wholesale pricing!

If you want to have an ultimate jogging or running experience with your pet best friend. Wholesale orders are available.

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