About K9Coil

St. Augustine Pet Originals, LLC, the maker of the original coiled dog leash, K9Coil, and Salt Life coil dog leashes is committed to providing affordable, durable high quality, useful pet products and contributing to animal causes. Founded by Jeanna LaCross and her rescued Border Collie Mix, Kui-Lee in 2006, LaCross, was determined to develop a dog leash that would revolutionize dog walking forever.

Since the K9Coil’s release in 2006, the product has been featured by MSNBC as one of the Top Pet Patents in 2006, and it has been featured in publications across the United States and the world. K9Coil Leash is the manufacturer of Salt Life Brand Coil dog leashes and guarantees the same quality in all of their lines of leashes.

As part of St. Augustine Pet Originals, LLC commitment to quality, new, expanded features of K9Coil will be offered in 2015, and as the market demands, more will be added. Based in Saint Augustine Florida, St. Augustine Pet Originals, LLC is dedicated to community engagement on behalf of animal shelters around the country and Greater Northern Florida community.

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Using the K9Coil dog leash on an ocean pier

Studies show benefits of using a shock absorbing coiled leash.

As responsible dog owners, we know that maintaining control over our dog’s behavior means keeping them safe, injury free, and healthy. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility sometimes, but there are ways to make it less stressful. Let’s address leash laws and enjoying the basics of a good dog walk today.

Just about every state in the US has instituted some form of leash law or restraining order for dogs (most are 6 feet and under). Reasons for leash laws include: to keep our pets safe, keep relations between neighbors friendly, maintain a safe community, and prevent damage to property.

A good dog walk includes enjoying the scenery (for both dog and owner), and getting exercise that keeps us both fit. In order to do that, it is imperative to assure that our pet is trained without causing injury. Research indicates that neck injuries in dogs occur when poor leash and collar combination's cause sudden jerks against the throat and neck. These neck injuries can mimic whiplash in a human or bruising as if someone had tried to strangle us.